Sleeping Barrels


How much does a sleeping barrel cost?

There are three answers?


Sleeping Barrels On Tour

Sleeping Barrels are the perfect match for your event. If you need short term capacity for accommodation of guests or staff members directly next to your event location or festival you can reduce arrival traffic , parking and traffic jams to a minimum. You act ecologically sound and have a cool place to stay overnight.

Wir schaffen es beliebig viele Fässer innerhalb von 2 Wochen (abhängig von Verfügbarkeiten) bereit zu stellen, bei längerem Vorlauf auch mehr. Wenn Sie bereits über Sanitärbereiche verfügen, umso besser. Falls nicht, stellen wir Ihnen auch Badefässer samt Toilettanlagen zur Verfügung.



To reduce cash requirements we are offering a leasing model for future operators of sleeping barrels.
Meaningful sizes start at 4-5 barrels to start a business or to expand your existing business with sleeping barrels as complementary accommodation units. We are looking for the most beautiful places on this planet to establish our network of sleeping barrels. If you already have sanitary areas it will be even easier to get started. However, we have bathroom barrels available for purchase.

We also help you market, book and fill up your capacity, if you do not have existing accommodation on the market.



Individual sleeping barrels are available for purchase to be placed in your garden, or land. You can rent them out on Airbnb and all other platforms if you desire and make the extra buck.

You can create space and accommodation for your friends that sleep over and offer an innovative overnight stay and make money without having other people inside your house.