Sleeping Barrels



How does the 24 hours smartlock check-in work?

For your convenience we have established smartlocks on your Sleeping Barrel. You “wake up” your smartlock by placing a hand over the lock. The numbers key pad will turn blue. Now you enter your PIN code (you receive the PIN Code on the day of arrival and after having filled out and submitted this form successfully) followed by a # and the lock opens. From inside you manually open and close the lock using the knob. To lock from outside simply press # and hold it for 3 seconds and the lock will close. Your PIN expires at check out time at noon. See the video

How do I get Wi-Fi access?

If you want to use our WLAN please use “Rahofer Bräu” and then follow the instructions by entering a name and email address. See the video

Where can I find the keys for the bathrooms?

To use the showers / toilets please use the key that is on the hanger in the sleeping barrel. Towels are inside your sleeping barrel. Bring your own soap/shampoo.u>

Can I heat/cool my sleeping barrel?

To activate the heating in your sleeping barrel please press the „ON“ button on the device above the door. press 1x: ventilation only; press one more time: heating is on (sufficient); press one more time: maximum heat; press one more time: OFF (please note that the fan continues for about 20 seconds after pressing the button to cool off the device). You can adjust the heat on the digital control (this is in degrees Celsius – 20 degrees is about fine for most people). See the video

Is there a table in the sleeping barrel?

A table can be pulled out under the bed. Use the chains to stabilize on the hooks on the ceiling. See the video

Where do I get breakfast?

Monday – Friday breakfast can be purchased at Billa, Jöbstl or Bäckerei Reinisch, all walking distance from our location. Saturday and Sunday the Rahofer Bräu offers breakfast starting at 8am for only 9,90 EUR.

How can I check-out?

Please checkout no later than noon. The pincode will be automatically deactivated. See the video

Where can I find the guest registration?

You can fill out the form online! Get the guest registration here